The origins

SINCE 1965
An art that handed down from father to son, an art that outlives time.
For over 60 years, the history of Neapolitan tailoring passed from Mario to Gennaro.
Sartoria Formosa was born out of a dream, literally. In 1951 Mario had a premonitory dream: he would have become a tailor!
An artisan symbol of the prestigious Neapolitan tailoring art, at the age of eight he manifested the desire to be a tailor and began working as a helper in the store of one of his father’s friends. His passion for sewing and the experience he gained over the years with some of the great Neapolitan cutters, Quintano, Tamburrino and especially Roberto Combattente, determined his rapid rise in the world of tailoring.
When he was only 20 years old, in 1965, he realized his dream and opened his Laboratory in Via Cavallerizza in Chiaia, where throughout almost fifty years he created clothes for prominent men from the world of business, politics, sports and high society. His great skill lies in the ability to interpret the needs of the customer, creating solutions that respond to his business and his lifestyle. His clothes, featured by the screwed cut and the dropped shoulder, are dynamic, current, but always respect the tradition.
In 2005 his son Gennaro had the intuition to combine the production of tailored suits with shirts made exclusively by hand by skilled Neapolitan craftsmen.