made to measure

The made to measure dress starts from a basic pattern that is modified to perfectly fit the specific measures of the customer. The difference between Prêt-à-porter and made to measure dress is that here you have the possibility to choose the materials used in the production and also the style of the garment. And not only that. Made-to-measure suits fit better than those in size because they are tailored to precise anatomical measurements.
Moreover, choosing a made-to-measure suit also means being able to customize many of the features and details that features the suit, starting with the fabric, passing through pockets, buttons, single or double breasted shape, lining and lapels of the jacket, lapels and trouser length, pleats, internal embroidery and many other details that make the suit truly personalized.
Thanks to new technologies and the advent of the internet, today you can make a tailored suit not only in a specialized store but also online, customizing your dress and taking your measurements directly from home, without visiting a tailor over and over again, such as happens for a tailored suit.