Making a tailor-made dress means understanding the temperament of the wearer, with needle, thread and chalk, using the sewing machine as less as possible. The dress has thousand stitches put by hand and the good tailor does not neglect any moment of this process. A tailor-made dress aims to find and enhance what makes a person himself. The screwed cut and the "dropped" shoulder make this jacket light and enveloping like a sweater, tailored elegance means above all this. The workmanship is always done with the use of the best natural fibers and the best accessories and every single operation is done by hand, from the placement of the fabric to the completion of the finishes. The same attention can be found in the made-to-measure shirts, whose "chiseled" hand-stitching features the application of the collar and the armhole, as well as the embroidered front. Among the refined details there is the "mouche", a small triangle of taffeta that joins the front to the back, and the "travetti", including the one that stops the fold of the sleeve. The buttonhole must be flexible and resistant, the buttons of real mother-of-pearl are sewn in "zampa di gallina".