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The origins

SINCE 1963
Craftsman symbol of the prestigious art of Neapolitan tailoring, when he was only 8 years old, he showed the desire to become a tailor and began working as an apprentice in the store of one of his father’s friends. His passion for sewing and the experience he gained over the years with some of the greatest Neapolitan tailors: Quintano, Tamburrino and especially Roberto Combattente, determined his rapid rise in the world of tailoring.

the formosa man the formosa man


Making a tailor-made dress means understanding the temperament of the wearer, with needle, thread and chalk, using the sewing machine as less as possible. The dress has thousand stitches put by hand and a good tailor does not neglect any moment of this process. A tailor-made dress aims to find and enhance what makes a person himself or herself.